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I am a high school English teacher, and mother of two charming little ones of my own. I teach in a high poverty urban charter school, while I live in a typical American suburb that has frequently been rated one of the safest cities in the country. It is a paradox I struggle with constantly, but it is my life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taking Advantage of Time Off

I will admit it- one of the things I love best about being a teacher is the time off! I love that I get to travel during these times, sleep in, and spend time with my family. This past weekend, Vinny and I took a little adventure to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit some family. I tried for the past few months to figure out how to come up with the money for plane tickets, but it just didn't happen, so we drove.

Driving 6.5 hours alone with a 3 year old is not an easy thing to do, but I will admit that it is getting easier. Vinny is actually a rather amiable travel companion. He sings along to the radio and gets excited about seeing things like windmills on the hillsides. On the way home yesterday, I realized that Vinny has been to Arizona 8 times since he was born (6 and a half of those trips were by car, by the way)! That's pretty cool. This is the beauty of only working 180 days a year.

On a side note, I did some editing of the blog page. I am still playing with it. I did add Google ads, but I promise, that is the only advertisements you will see on this page. I don't know why, but there is something about bloggers who just constantly endorse products in their blog posts that really bugs me. If I want to read your blog, it is because I am interested in what you have to say about life... not about some product that someone is paying you to review.

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  1. I found one thing that Rachel loves to do is a tradition we started while driving up and down the coast... Moo to ever cow you see of nhey to horses. We always get a kick out of it hearing her suddenly Moo out of nowhere. They do, even at 5 yrs old, get exited about such things as "The flying pig' in Box Canyon. I always have to slow down when we pass by.