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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Having your birthday 2 days before Christmas is not ideal, but it does make for an especially exciting December. This year, my friends decided to really surprise me by having a party for me two weeks early. It was way fun. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Burbank (strongest margaritas ever and best enchiladas I think I've ever had) and then to my favorite karaoke bar, Dimples. Woo hoo!  Dimples has live streaming feed on the internet, which sort of made it especially fun, since friends who didn't come were able to make fun of my husband via the internet. Hahahahahaha. Everyone was a great sport though, and my dad had an awful lot of fun. I had been waiting years to get my parents down there and was so glad they finally came. 

On my actual birthday, we had a low key day, since there were still many holiday preparations necessary. I do have to tell a super cute story though. Vinny decided to make me a birthday card. Vinny made me a "Target card," because I do so much shopping at Target. HAHAHA. He gave it to me and told me I needed to go buy myself something at Target. He is so cute. So I did. I went to Target that morning and bought myself some picture frames to finish the photo wall in our kitchen (okay, the shopping trip was planned before I received his card, but he didn't know that). He got quite the look of satisfaction on his face when I returned that morning and showed him my purchase.

We went to lunch with my inlaws and the kids. Tiana ate several bowls of salsa. (Weird, right? A friend told me it was probably because I ate so much Mexican food while I was nursing her and flavors like that do seep into the milk, so she really loves spicy food). My in laws gave me a very generous Amazon gift card that I have been dreaming about spending ever since. I am seriously giddy about the Amazon shopping spree that I will be having soon. I'm thinking Mishka CDs, maybe a necklace, some books, a new hand mixer, some candles, hmmm... what else? 

That night we had dinner with my parents and they gave in and did not get me a cake. See, I love to bake, but I only kind of like cake. I do like cupcakes, but I only like them with homemade yummy buttercream frosting and stuff like that, which is a pain. So, instead, they got me a chocolate pie from Claim Jumper. Yum!  I love chocolate pie. Probably my favorite dessert ever. 

My parents got me a canning pot, which I have been wanting for quite some time. I borrowed a friend's pot a year ago to make applesauce and I have been dreaming about canning my own sauces and such ever since. 

Overall, it was a nice birthday.   :-)

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