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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not enough time... unless I decide not to sleep this week.

Do you ever have moments where you look at your to-do list, realizing that many of the items on your list have deadlines, and realize that there are literally just not enough hours to accomplish everything?  That is where I am at right now. Stressed doesn't even begin to cover it.

Yes, I am going on vacation soon, but I don't plan on working the entire time. I do want to relax too. There are just so many looming deadlines.

The last day of school before fall break is October 7th. I want the students to work on revising their papers over fall break, but I still have like 24 left that I haven't even graded, which leaves me two nights to grade them, but I also have class tomorrow night, which means I have a ton of homework due tomorrow night, so tonight is the night to do it. I haven't finished the lesson plan for Friday yet. I know what I am doing, but the powerpoint needs sprucing up and the lesson plan itself has not been written. I took some of my drama kids out shopping today, so that meant that planning did not get done during 3rd today (like it usually would) making me feel very unprepared for the next upcoming few days.

Grades are due October 18th and we have parent conferences on the 19th and 20th. Admin and peeps keep pressing us to schedule these SST meetings (reviews of students who have been referred) after school on the 17th and 18th, but that would keep us working all day from 7:30am-5:30pm for four days in a row, without really any time to plan, make copies, return phone calls, etc. Not to mention do things like pick up our children and make dinner. Almost all of us have families, and schedules like that are very hard on us.


No... time... to.... breathe.

Maui... Maui.... Maui....

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