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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mommy Funnies

My kids make me laugh. I walked up to my laptop to find these miniature people with their miniature RV parked nearby. I guess they were watching a drive-in movie?  Does anyone else think this is as funny as I think it is?  It was an ugly day in many ways, but my kids make me laugh.

 Tiana is sick. She has bronchiolitis. Vinny had it when he was 6 months old, and it was a nightmare. The poor thing was miserable. He just coughed and coughed and coughed. Couldn't eat, barely slept. Miserable. When I started hearing Tiana wheezing Thursday night, I wanted to cry. Not again! Fortunately, it hasn't been nearly as bad as it was with Vinny. When Vinny had it, he actually developed pneumonia. She has not and actually seems to be getting better. Perhaps there is something to be said of the antibodies in breastmilk.

Anyway, back to funny Vinny. This morning, on the way home from the doctor's office, I told Vinny we could stop for donuts. I got myself a root beer as a little treat, since I saw they had Mug, which is caffeine free. I put it on the roof while I put Tiana in the car (I bet you can tell where this is going). As I drove away, a loud "thump thump thump" sound reminded me about my soda. "Great," I thought, as I watched it hit roll off the roof spilling all over my trunk. I got out and grabbed the cup, and Vinny asked, "What happened to the soda?"  When I told him, he seemed confused... until we got out and he saw the trunk and said, "Wow, what a mess. Daddy's gonna have to clean that up!" Hahahahaha! I love it! He sure knows how it is.

My other favorite part of the day. I let Vinny wear his clothes to sleep last night, since he fell asleep on the couch. He didn't want to change, so I let him wear it to the doctor this morning too, but after I said, "Come on, you need to get dressed," and he answered, "Silly mommy, I am dressed, see! I'm not naked!"   Ah Vinny. He knew what I meant.

Later in the day, Vinny was taking pictures with his camera (he has been begging me to put more batteries in it for ages and I finally did) and he kept taking pictures of Tiana. After each one he would say, "Awwww!" in a high pitched voice. So cute! Then, I was cleaning up in the kitchen and I hear hysterical giggles from the hall. I find Vinny in the bathroom, hysterically laughing, taking pictures of the toilet. He is such a boy.

Okay... last Vinny funny. At my parents' house, Vinny was playing in the yard while my dad was cleaning up dog poopy, but unfortunately, Vinny stepped on some before my dad got to it.  I made him give me his shoes to clean them off. "Why?" he asked. My mom told him, "Because there's poop on them."  He looks at her and asks, "Who pooped on them?"  Hahahaha.

Tiana started solid foods this week. I made peas and she really enjoyed them. The funniest thing was, I chose peas randomly because they were what I had in the freezer, but she actually had on an outfit that day that was the exact same color pea green. :-)

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