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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have never wanted a week to end so badly...

This week just sucks. I want it to go away.

Yesterday, I broke my phone. The insurance cannot replace it with the same one, and despite paying a $130 deductible, they have basically tried to pawn off a much cheaper phone- not at all "comparable" as they suggest. When I looked at the one they will be sending me, I realized how different it is, so I called to complain and insist on a different phone, since it hadn't shipped yet. Unfortunately, since I initially "accepted" their offer, it will ship, and the only way that I can get a new one is to reject the shipment when it comes, and then I can talk to their restocking department about sending a different one. Geez. I will not be home when it arrives, so I don't think I can reject it. I don't know how they are sending it or whether they will demand a signature or not, so we will see how it goes. If it ends up on my doorstep, I guess I will have to pay to send it back.

This is SO not worth it. After this is over, I am definitely canceling the insurance. It is stupid.

In the meantime, I have an old, old piece of crap phone that at least sort of works, but the buttons are all funky and don't really work. It was ringing tonight and the phone wouldn't let me answer.

Most of all, I really will miss my phone. It has all the features I wanted. Apparently, it is not possible to get a 4G phone with a touch screen AND keyboard anymore.  :-(

Plus, Tiana's day care today said something to Marc about the toddler teacher not "doing" cloth diapers. It was a vague comment, so I don't know if she means that they really will not be doing cloth diapers any more, or if they just would prefer us to switch.  Even if it is just a preference, I don't know if I am happy with this. I chose this day care because it seemed that they would respect choices I had made for our family- like cloth diapers. Apparently not.  This is not the first comment. The director made some comment a while back, that I would "of course be switching to disposables when she starts walking, right?"  Why would I do that? People's ideas about cloth diapers are so ridiculous sometimes. She says, "They are so bulky" and basically suggested that it would make her walk funny or something. Give me a break... People learned to walk before the 1980s when disposables became mainstream. In fact, they learned just fine and potty trained about 15 months earlier than the current average, so why would I switch now, at the most crucial time?

Geez. I really don't want to deal with a switch. She is comfortable. She knows them. It is cheap. I cannot afford any more than what I already pay (which they increased this year any way).

Tomorrow is my 15 hour day. I have not made my photocopies for Friday yet. I have not had time, and I do not see when I will.

Can I just lay in bed and cry now?

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