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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have turned into my mother...

Today, as I was getting ready, I was thinking through my day. This is something I often do; it is kind of a way to help me focus on the various tasks on my list.  Today's list includes rehearsal, DK, church, lunch, grocery shopping, insane amounts of laundry, dinner with my parents and then prepping crock pot dinner for tomorrow before I go to bed. I'd also love to fit in a trip to the gym with Mo and some lesson planning for this week, but I wonder if there are enough hours in the day.
So then I start thinking about my mom... and my childhood. Every Sunday, my mom would rush around all day frantically doing laundry and cleaning the house and readying things for the week. When I think back to Sundays, I recall them as an overall time of stress for my mom. I honestly remember trying to stay out of her way to avoid getting put to work.
When I got married, I remember thinking, "I will never have sundays like that. Sundays should be the sabbath... a day of REST." For the first few years, this worked well. We would go to church, do lunch with friends, then come home and take a nap. Those times were sweet. We'd get up in time to head to my parents for dinner. We'd bring a load of laundry with us to take advantage of machines that didn't require quarters and we'd put it away when we got home, then watch our favorite shows before bed.
Then we had kids...

Now, the laundry is a neverending battle that I always seem to be losing. When I was 20, ten o'clock at night after class seemed like a perfectly good time to grocery shop. Nowadays, the weekdays are a whirlwind, and I do my best to tread water and keep my head above water. Ten o'clock at night is time for frantic lesson planning, not grocery shopping. Needless to say, Sundays have become a much needed time to catch my breath and get things under control for the week. I have become my mom.

I am starting to get the weekdays under control, but it involves a lot of focus on the weekends. I think there will be much less frantic lesson planning at night, but I do not forsee Sunday afternoon naps returning to our routine any time in the near future

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