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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Much to Blog About Today :-)

If you were looking for some exciting news or something (upon seeing that title), I am sorry to disappoint- nothing really exciting to say, just a lot of thoughts in my head.

So, yesterday was a wonderful day. Upon trying to squeeze Tiana into a 3 month outfit (that fit perfectly last week) and realizing it wasn't really working, I decided it was time to move up a size. I dug out the box of bigger clothes and hung up all the stuff that will fit her now. I have a lot because I have gifts from my shower that are that size (Amber, so excited to finally put the cute pink shirt and purple peace sign shirt on her now!), and a lot of hand-me-downs from my cousins and various friends. It was wonderfully exciting- kind of like coming home from a shopping spree without spending any money. It was odd that when I was looking at some of the clothes I was thinking, "This looks too big for her," but then I would go hold it up next to her and realize it would totally fit. Its like the picture I have in my head of her is smaller than she actually is. When I look at her, she looks so big to me all of a sudden.

Then, Marc and Vinny and Tiana had a wonderful time together playing outside in the morning while I got dressed. They were so cute. Vinny has a tree swing out front now that he could spend hours on, and Marc dragged Tiana's activity mat out front so she could enjoy the beautiful sunny day too. Eventually, we headed out and decided to treat ourselves to Panera for lunch since our tax return came. We brought it to the park for a picnic. So beautiful. Tiana just loves the sun, so it was nice for all of us. Afterward, we had some shopping to do for late Christmas. (My extended family celebrates Christmas in February). Since Vinny has been such a good boy all week, we bought him his one request- a new CD to play in the CD player in his room. Guess what he picked? The Princess and the Frog soundtrack. This kid loves jazz and zydeco more than anyone I have ever met except my mother-in-law. The only other CD he listens to is a Mardi Gras mix I bought last year. He has been singing "going down the bayou" all day. He sure has Cajun blood all right. He said he wants to have his birthday at the bayou in Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. Expensive request for a 5-year-old, but I think we may be able to make that happen if I get a good bonus in July.

Anyway... back to yesterday. As we were out shopping, we saw a sign for "Free Smartphones" at T-Mobile. We didn't think we were eligible for the full discount upgrade yet, but I called customer service to check, and it sure is a good thing I did. We were eligible, and the sale was that day only! So, we spent an hour at the very crowded T-Mobile store, but walked out with brand new phones. I got a really nice Droid that has a touch screen and a slide out keyboard- best of both worlds. I never thought I would turn to the smartphone side really, but this was too good a deal to pass up. If any phone I picked was gonna be free... might as well go for the nicest one. It has taken a little getting used to, but I like it a lot. Once I figure out how to blog on the internet thing, I think y'all will be seeing more pictures on here now. Its just been so long since I have had a phone with a camera I have to get back in the mindset of actually being able to take pictures of things quickly.

Last night was the cherry on the top of an awesome day. Marc and I got to go on a date. My favorite restaurant- Cheesecake Factory (thank you Grandma Wanda for that one!)- and a movie. I love that combination, especially since I always get the cheesecake to go and then sneak it into the movie. If there is one thing better than  popcorn at the movies, it is Godiva Chocolate cheesecake. Seriously.

In other news... I have been able to return caffeine to my diet. This has been a very exciting thing for me. I have started drinking it in little bits to see if it bothers Tiana and the verdict is no. However... I thought perhaps her stomach was just not as sensitive now, so I had several glasses of lemonade last night at dinner (I love the fresh lemonade at Cheesecake Factory). Citrus= uber cranky baby. Oh well... I guess if I had to choose between caffeine and citrus to avoid for the next 7 months, I'd choose citrus.

The only negative to going out last night was coming home to be reminded about everything in our house that doesn't work. See, I get very used to dealing with all the problems of being a broke homeowner,  but when your parents come over to babysit , it is easy to forget to tell them that the dishwasher, the kitchen faucet, and the DVD player don't work, although they figured it all out. At least they didn't have to use the shower or the garage door opener. Both of those are barely working. Well...someday. Little by little. The biggest loss of all of this is honestly the DVD player. It broke Wednesday. This wouldn't be that big of a deal since we have streaming netflix, showtime on demand, and a dvr, but Baby Mozart is only available on DVD.  No baby mozart= no showers for mommy when daddy is not home. Totally not kidding. That is the only way I ever get a shower when I am home with them alone.

Well, better go get dressed. Almost time for church! My dad's character in Discovery Kidz has a good sketch today, so I don't want to miss it.

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