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Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Work...

I don't officially have to be back until Wednesday morning, but I went back to work today.

Tiana went back to her Montessori school. Vinny started as an official day camp kid.

I didn't get done as much as I had hoped today, but I did get done an awful lot. Leslee, the other teacher who teaches 10th grade, met me there, and we got as much done as we could. Leslee thinks in a much more linear way than I do. She is a good partner for me. We plan together, and she keeps me on track. This is sort of how my mind works. It is a semi-organized chaos. Stuff gets done, just not very quickly or in any specific logical order. There are lots of jumps and turns and side trips. And is very seldom really written down.
Leslee's is much more like this. Leslee takes copious notes. She writes down everything. She seems to know where everything is and remember everything. She remembers handouts I created that I don't remember creating. She thinks chronologically Monday through Friday and somehow gets me to get things done in order. One would think her "step-by-step" style and my "hmmm.... what's next" style would totally clash, but somehow they don't. We jive well. 
We got a crazy lot done today. We basically have the first week completely prepped minus photocopies. We probably would have even done the photocopies, but the supply woman was not there, so we could not get paper.  Oh well, tomorrow. If only I could be as organized for the rest of my classes.

The other beautiful thing that happened today is that I walked in to find my graduated tech wonder positioned still in his usual position in the tech booth. Ah the wonders of a small school (and the fact that UCs start significantly later than our school). He was back helping with something which meant that I was able to get him to teach me to actually turn on the darn tech equipment. Yes, I direct drama and did not know how to turn on the sound or light equipment until today, I admit it. But now I do. I don't feel quite confident with it all yet, but I do feel capable. Good stuff. 

Geez, I still have so much to get done. Sigh....

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