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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camping camping camping

So, last year we somehow did not go camping at all, so early this year, we planned to camp at the beach. This has been a bad week and my mom has been sick, so I was put pretty much in charge of all the prep.

Camping is a lot of work (before anyway) and I am not really great at this kind of stuff. Lots of small stuff was forgotten, which of course I felt guilty about, and meant a last minute trip to walmart. Oh well.

But when beautiful oc waves were swirling around my skirt at sunset last night, the fact that I forgot trash bags didn't really matter.   Happiness.

I guess we just aren't in the camping mode though, because we somehow completely forgot to bring the trash in last night when we went to bed. Big mistake.

At a little after 11, as I was just started to drift to sleep, I heard noises outside. I had flashbacks to the time we were camping at at Carpenteria and some teenagers stole a bunch of food and beer out of our cooler, and I realized that the cooler was outside. So what do I do, I open the window and stick my head out and make a growling noise hoping to scare them.

However, as I stick my head out, I look down and realize that directly below me is the trash... and a big... giant... skunk with its head in the tipped over trash. As I growled, his tail went straight up. Oh boy.

I quickly shut the window. I run back to my parents.

"There's a skunk in the trash."

"How do you know it's a skunk?" 

"Well, the black fluffy fur and the white stripe down the back gave me a clue."

Thus, the skunk caper began. We didn't hear him anymore, so we went back and forth about whether to forget about it or to go outside and get the trash. Somehow, after he returned half an hour or so later, it ended up my mom and I outside braving the possibility of being skunked to clean up the trash while marc and my dad watched from inside.

Some big brave men.

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