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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Officially Old...

Marc and I bought tickets back in May for LA Rising. The tickets said "Doors open at 1pm." We thought, "Okay, the show probably starts at 3pm." As far as we knew it was Rage Against the Machine, Rise Against, and Muse. We are thinking... its a day thing, we will be out of there by 10 at the latest, which would be good, since we are taking Vinny to Disneyland for his birthday tomorrow.

Well, I did something rather unlike me and failed to do my research. Everyone knows I do my research on freaking everything. When Mo and I went to Vegas last weekend, I knew where everything was in relation to our hotel before we even left Cali. Even my friends at work this week commented that I can usually be counted on to know all the details. Want to know when lunch is? Ask Niki. What room are we supposed to be in after breakfast? Ask Niki. What can I say?  I am detail oriented, and I don't like to feel lost. Yet, somehow, I had not looked for a set/time list for the show until we were sitting in the worst traffic ever on the I5.

That was when I realized that there were three other acts BEFORE Rise Against went on, and they weren't ones we cared about. One could see this as a good thing (we weren't missing anything stuck in traffic). The bad thing about this was that Rage Against the Machine wasn't even going on until like 10:30. Wow.

Considering that meant leaving my mom with the kids until 1am, and it meant standing around (we had floor tickets) for 8 or 9 hours, and it meant getting maybe 2 and half hours of sleep before Disneyland, we were rather disappointed with this knowledge. At that point, we decided to try to see if we could sell them. We did some debating on just going and making the best of it, but we ended up selling them. We lost some money, but that's okay. I'd rather learn the lesson ahead some money and with a full night's sleep than just cursing the decision to go at all.

We had a really nice night. Marc remembered that I had commented on some exhibits that I wanted to see at the Grammy Museum this summer, so we went there. VERY cool. It is funny, when the junior class went to the Grammy Museum on a field trip, I have to admit I wondered about the curricular connection, but today I was so beautifully reminded how much American history is wrapped up in music history. It made me proud to be an American. Plus, the John Lennon exhibit and the Bob Marley exhibit were AWESOME.  Very much worth the $10 admission (AAA discount, woo hoo!).

Afterwards, we went out to a restaurant I have wanted to try called The Yard House. Tasty stuff. Plus, they have a very creative menu. I think I want to go back and try more stuff.  :-)

Marc and I were talking on the way home and realized that we never would have had a second thought about the long, late night show 6 or 7 years ago. Having kids changes everything... When you would rather wander a museum, enjoy dinner, and be sitting at home in your pajamas by 10:30 instead of seeing bands you love... then you are officially old.

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