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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting ahead is not easy

Every year, within just a few weeks of school starting, the papers and responsibilities pile up and I am days, then weeks, behind on paperwork before I know it. This year, I have been really, really good about not letting that happen, because I cannot exactly leave the sub with weeks of piled up work, so I just have to finish everything one day at a time. It is really the ideal way to do it anyhow, but I have just never been able to keep up before. It comes from being so prepared in advance and it being year 3 of teaching this curriculum finally.

HOWEVER... I am leaving in, well, who knows how few weeks. As short as 2 weeks, as long as 4. I really want to have everything as completed and ready to hand my sub as possible, but it is not. I keep thinking that if I am on top of my daily stuff, then I can work on the prep work for the next two months in my "extra" time. Except "extra" time in my world is sort of like unicorns. We can totally picture what they would look like and be like, and we imagine them as so beautiful but so really possibly, yet they don't actually exist in reality.

I am working on getting the prep work done, but I do not know how much I will finish. The part of me that really wants things to be completely ready, and the part of me that wants to have as much of a hand in my drama program as possible, is hoping to make it closer to a month. The part of me that is sick of heartburn, sick of being out of breath, sick of having no energy, and sick of having to pee every 20 minutes, really hopes it is just a couple of weeks.

Well, we will see.

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