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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nesting Woes

I am feeling the desire to nest like crazy, both in my classroom and my home. Marc has been very tolerant and very helpful, but things are not getting done as quickly as I wanted. I had this huge "to do" list planned for this week that included completing the baby's room and refinishing some furniture we got for our room months ago. Nothing really got completed. Like a fraction of what needed to anyway.

We got the walls in the baby's room painted weeks ago, but we've been gone and haven't had time to get to touching up the corners and painting the trim. Marc finally got to it this weekend, but it took a lot longer than expected. I wanted to help, but Marc said that all the leaning over to get the trim would make my back hurt and he refused to let me help. I went shopping and got a pedicure instead. Since the trim didn't get done until dinner time last night, we finally cleaned up the drop cloths today and started putting the crib together.

We didn't even get one side up before discovering that the crib, which I planned way ahead for and ordered online months ag, was defective. In one of the 4 holes to put on the sides, the part where the screw goes in was missing the metal thredding to screw it into. There really was nothing we could do about that. I ordered it from Wal-Mart, and I checked online and found that it is now out of stock, so even if I contacted them about sending a replacement, it could take weeks. I don't have weeks. I will be considered "full-term" in 2.5 weeks. While I am really hoping that she holds out until very close to her due date, she could come early, and I have this fear that we will not have a crib ready for her. Seriously... it wouldn't even be that big of a deal since she will probably sleep in a bassinet or with us for the first few weeks, but it just feels like the most essential part of her room, and I really want to have her room ready for her. I think it is more symbolic than anything.

The humorously ironic part is... I don't even have a bassinet yet.  I don't know if I will even get one. I registered for one, and I have been looking for them on CL and whatnot, but it just not high on my priority list because Vinny used it for so little time. Of course, when Vinny was an infant, we had a 1 bedroom apartment, so his crib was in our room, which meant moving him from bassinet to crib was not exactly a huge transition, so it happened at 2 weeks. Now moving Tiana to her own room, I probably will not feel ready for that a 2 weeks. If I don't get a bassinet, my back up plan is Vinny's old pack n play, which has a drop in netted bassinet thing. We sold his bassinet when he was a few months old and bought this pack n play, but it is so big and was second hand when we bought it, so it is a little worn out. I don't know....

Anyhow... so today, we returned the crib to Wal-Mart and went and bought one at Babies R Us. What made it difficult was that we had so many limitations in searching. First of all, I matched the paint of the trim to crib #1. (Frustrating, right?). So, we needed to find a similar color for this crib. Then, a lot of the ones at Babies R Us are over $300, and we only spent $200 on the first one, so we didn't want to spend a lot more. We didn't want to buy another Graco, seeing as how the first one was a Graco, and I now feel that Graco furniture does not do good quality control in their furniture manufacturing (which is actually done by a subcontracted company called LaJobi, but that's beside the point), and most of the ones in our price range were Graco. There was one more in our price range, but they didn't have the right color in stock, and we had already had to borrow a vehcile today just to return the first one, so we certainly didn't want to order one. Plus, it said 7-14 days... that could actually put us at not having a crib together until the very end of the month. Eek. Too close for comfort.

Bleh... still SO much to do.

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