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I am a high school English teacher, and mother of two charming little ones of my own. I teach in a high poverty urban charter school, while I live in a typical American suburb that has frequently been rated one of the safest cities in the country. It is a paradox I struggle with constantly, but it is my life.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out of my funk

So, I think I have overcome the postpartum blues. I went to check out a stroller fitness class this morning. I did one like it in the valley back when I had Vinny, so I thought I would try it again this time, and I like it. Actually, it is easier than the one I did in the valley too. Not as much running. We walked most of the time, but up a lot of high hills, which was great. I prefer a more intense workout to a higher cardio workout. I have asthma attacks with too much cardio. I'll only be able to do it for the rest of this month until I go back to work, but I am hoping it will help me drop some pounds and tone. I hate feeling flabby, and I need my work pants to fit comfortably again.

I only have a few weeks until I go back to work, so I am trying to make the best of them. I got a really good book that will help with writing my next unit, and I am going to write a unit that will "Wow" my administrator for my bonus. I will even throw in all that elementary style stuff that she wants, even if I don't think its necessary. What the hey, I will only be back for a couple of weeks, so I might as well.

I also have a good book to read that I am excited to start. Having a good book to read always makes me feel good. :-)

Now if only someone would fund the other $1300 needed for my book project on Donors Choose.

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