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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where do babies come from?

The whole the time that I was pregnant with Tiana, Vinny had a million questions about how Tiana would come out, but he never asked how she got there in the first place. He seemed content with that it just happened. Today he asked me, "Do boys get babies in their tummies?"  I explained that only mommies, only ladies, get babies in their tummies. He asked if Tiana was in there when he was in there. I explained first him, then no baby for a while, and then Tiana was there. Then came the question...

"But how do babies get in to mommies tummies?"

Oh boy... I am not ready for this one yet.  My answer,
"God just puts them there."

Well, it is mostly true. Besides, Marc is asleep, and I feel like he gets to have that talk with Vinny, not me. And many years from now.... not now.

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  1. Kaylee asked that once of me and I can't remember what I said. I know I did say she and Annabelle were "technically" in there at the same time (at least in egg form) but I can't remember what I said for how she started to "grow". LOL! She hasn't asked since.