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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Field Trip!!!

So, today was our much anticipated field trip. I took my students to see Much Ado About Nothing, and out to dinner before hand. A week ago, I was angrily cursing whomever it felt appropriate to blame for the number of students who ended up on the "no field trip" list that our school creates for poor work habits. However, today, I have to say, I am sort of glad that certain students were not able to go. (My heart is still truly grieved for several whom I wish could have come, but nonetheless am grateful about some other ones).

When people compliment my students, in a way, I feel like they are complimenting me. I had about four different employees at the restaurant tell me how impressed they were with my students. It is true... they are impressive. It was only Buca Di Beppo, nothing super fancy, but my students were perfect angels. They all dressed appropriately and acted like civilized adults. They said please and thank you, they never yelled for the waiters, they waited patiently for each course to be served- even if their table was last. They politely asked, "Excuse me, ma'am, which direction is the restroom?" They were great. I was so pleased with them, I felt like a mother, beaming with pride as people complimented us on what a fine group of young people we have. Yes, we certainly do.

I also loved that the kids loved the food. I wanted it to be special for them, and I think it was. Then... they even like the show! They seemed to get the jokes and buy in to the emotional scenes. One student even told me, "Wow, this is so much better than the movie." I was glad to hear that, and even a little surprised, because personally, I was having a little trouble letting go of my affection for Kenneth Branagh's portrayal of Benedick. I think that they just loved it so much because for many it was their first time experiencing live theater. They had never before felt what it is like to experience the energy of the actors right there, live on stage. I really can't wait to see what the atmosphere is like in my classroom tomorrow. Plus- I have a WAY cool lesson planned that the kids are absolutely going to love. It is one of my favorites I did back in 07, so I am SO excited to be doing it again.

It has been a really long week (I haven't gotten home before 9pm so far this week, and probably will not until next week), but it is all worth it.

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