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Friday, May 14, 2010

My Painful Pregnancy Paradox

I have been told by my doctors that I am carrying this baby high. I carried Vinny very low, in fact, so low that he never really "dropped" as they say. I wouldn't think that it would be much different, but let me tell you, it is....

So, I have reached this phase of my pregnancy where cravings are at a peak and food is really, really, really good. Like, I don't think I am ever this happy about eating when I am not pregnant. Everything just sounds so good and tastes so good. The problem with carrying high- very little room for food. I eat like 10 bites and I am full. Of course, I am then extremely hungry like half an hour later. The really frustrating part is, you know how when you are really enjoying something, but you are really full, but you finish it anyway, because it just tastes so good? That was me with my burrito last night. I got full about halfway through it but finished it anyway because it tasted so good. Besides, it was not a big burrito. It was a homemade burrito on like a soft taco size tortilla. Not big.

Of course, I spent all night paying for my decision by feeling painfully bloated and having awful heartburn. Ugh. Then, at like 11:30, as I was finally starting to feel better, a Chili's commercial comes on. By this time, I am totally hungry again, so the commercial about their new bottomless lunch special featuring wonderfully delicious looking soups and salads made me crazy. Obviously, this was not an option at 11:30 at night, so I went to bed. But seriously... yum, doesn't it look good?

I ate breakfast this morning, but I am still thinking about Chili's, and now, a little over 2 hours since breakfast, my stomach is grumbling again and begging for something delicious. It is just an evil trick though, because it is not like I could finish anything. Then, my kids bring me in this flier for a taco sale they are doing next week with pictures of delicious looking carne asada tacos on them. Oh the temptation. How not fair! Like I am just supposed to look at this and wait til next week. I am totally going to have to get a taco after work. Of course, I will want to order 3 tacos, but I will only be able to eat one before feeling to full to move. This is an awful cycle.

Of course, this awful cycle probably has a lot to do with why I have only gained a whopping total of 7 pounds so far, but I am not enjoying it at all.

Then, I saw someone's facebook post that said something about cupcakes. I really want a cupcake right now. A big yummy one with fluffy icing. Yumm....

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