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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Motivated? Well, not yet.

I wish I could say that I somehow found the motivation to get through a bunch of stuff today, but I didn't. I didn't open my school bag yesterday after I got home. In fact, I didn't even bring my laptop home because I knew I wouldn't do work. I did read my son a new Dr. Seuss book I bought him, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut.

Today, based on a brilliant suggestion from my mom, I did finally start getting through a major assessment I needed to do that had gotten very messed up. I had these masks that the students had made to reflect what their character presents on the outside. It is sort of a complex concept, so I had them make masks to show it and write an explanation on a note card to accompany it. Unfortunately, with lots of students and a choir of 4th graders in my room over the weekend, they got mixed up. I couldn't tell what card went with what mask, and I didn't want to spend the time matching them up, so today, I had the students just go find them, and then I went around the room and graded them on their desks while they did a worksheet about malapropisms. Brilliant. Should have done this weeks ago. Then during 6th period my TAs created a pretty neat display with the good ones on my wall. Yea. I like having cool work on the walls. Too bad it is almost the end of the year.

Today, I actually left school at 4:00p.m. It felt great! I haven't done that in forever! The pile of papers on my desk is getting smaller, which is a wonderful thing. I talked to my administrators and I am not totally stressing finding a sub now, especially since they pointed out to me how many English teachers there are looking for work (they have a stack of over 50 resumes to look through for one position... and that is after some narrowing it down). I am not going to find someone right away, but by August there will be people who don't have a job yet, and one of those people will be happy to be my sub.

Tonight, I really am going to force myself to get things done. At least start writing that unit. Ugh... why is there so much to do?

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