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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's Project

At just before 10am today, we began a quest to get Vinny a bed. A cousin of mine (well technically, my dad's cousin, so my cousin once removed) saw on Facebook that I was searching for a loft bed and happened to have one that they were not using, so we decided to go get it from them, but it was about an hour drive.

We borrowed a truck, dropped Vinny off at my in-laws, set off to first Ikea to buy a mattress (needed a cheap bunk bed mattress to put in it and that seemed to be the easiest, cheapest solution), and then off to pick up the bed. The bed was disassembled, but they showed Marc how to put it together. After a long drive home through terrible traffic (I HATE the 5 freeway), we picked up my uncle to help Marc assemble the bed (what can I say, I have a big family) and then I set off to get Vinny and let him pick out a new sheet set for his big boy bed.

Vinny was so cute picking out sheets. "I want dragon sheets, NO, Cars sheets! No, Toy Story sheets! No , I want Spiderman sheets!" I spread the several different choices out on the floor and left it up to Vinny to decide. After several exchanges, we left the store with Spiderman sheets. (Mommy also picked up a cheap set of plain green sheets to switch them out for washing every now and then). By the time we got home, the bed was almost together.

I posted his toddler bed on Freecycle (anyone looking for a toddler bed? mattress not included) and straightened up a little bit, and then his bed was done. Vinny and I quickly went to putting all his books on the shelves and his toys in the drawers. He was so excited. He kept saying, "This is a nice room!" My absolute favorite moment was as we were finishing up and he said, "Thank you for helping me clean my room Mommy!" Ahhh... I have raised a courteous boy. Lucky me.

The final product... an awesome bed and a very, very pleased little- er, I mean- big boy!


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