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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Times in Arizona...

Vinny and I have had a fun-filled long weekend with our cousins in Arizona. We arrived late Thursday night after a quick plane ride that Vinny enjoyed very much. The funniest part was, when we landed in Phoenix, because a tarmac at night pretty much just looks like a tarmac, Vinny looked out the window in great dismay and exclaimed, "Aw, man! We're back at the airport! Now we will NEVER get to Hannah's house!" It was funny. He thought we were back at Burbank. I tried to explain that it was a different airport, in Arizona, but he didn't believe me. "It doesn't look like Arizona!" he insisted. I guess he has been to quite a few airports, and they do all kind of blend together, and it was a really quick flight, so I can see how he got confused. He really didn't believe me until he saw my cousin Tracy pulling up to pick us up.

Another quick Vinny funny.... you know my son spends too much time with his daddy at work because he saw a big red vinyl duffle bag at the airport and yelled, "Look, Mom! That guy has a jolly jump!" Oh boy... When your kid's image of a jumper is rolled red vinyl, you know there is something odd.

Considering that the average temps in Phoenix in July are in the low 100s, Tracy planned a great schedule of indoor activities for us this weekend, but we lucked out and they are actually in a bit of a cool down right now. We actually got to take the kids to the park on Friday, which is something that we have done with them during in my January visits, but never in the summer before, so that was really sort of lucky. Other than that... we've done a Sonic run (my request- love the slushies and yummy ice cream treats), a neat Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Scottsdale Library, dinner out without the kids at a yummy Mexican restaurant, swimming, the mall, the Arizona Museum for Youth, and tonight... Rainforest Cafe. Lots of fun!

:-) We are going home tomorrow night. It's been fun, but I miss my husband and my bed.

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