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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now I'm Excited Too

Okay, so yesterday, I was just stressed, and today, I will finally say that I am a little excited about school starting too. Vinny had a fantastic day at his new preschool and came home beaming and excited to go back tomorrow, which is always a great feeling as mommy.

I also had a fantastic day at school. When I first walked in, I was disappointed and a bit nervous about the fact that my room was exactly like I left it in June. Nothing had been moved. Fortunately, thanks to a few super awesome staff friends who offered some great support, everything was moved by 1:30. Even better... I totally don't have to worry about the lack of cabinet space because I was given a big rolling cabinet, got to keep both of my bookshelves, and actually have a whole storage closet that I can use to put drama stuff in. In the afternoon, a couple of my most reliable drama students showed up to help unpack. Believe it or not, I am almostly completely unpacked. My desk stuff is still in boxes, and my personal books and binders are without a shelf to call home and thus still in boxes, but other than that, I'm so close to ready.

I don't have any of my posters on the walls yet, and I don't have a bulletin board to create a unit board yet, but my new room is so beautiful, I don't even want to hang much up. It is an environmentally friendly room, so it has windows everywhere in hopes that natural light will be used instead of electricity. It is working, as I didn't even look for the light switches once today, because it is so bright and beautiful in there. You'd think the windows would make it hot in there, but they are thick and block the heat, so the a/c barely needed to be on. Plus, the a/c is so cool... instead of coming from vents in the ceiling, it comes from these neat little round vents in the floor. I had to move my desk a little when I realized that I had positioned my desk with a vent blowing straight under my legs. Yeah, no Marilyn Monroe for me, so that had to be adjusted.

Seriously, I am in love with my new room. Did I mention I have my own bathroom? Do you know how cool that is? Students will not be able to wander the halls in boredom using the potty as an excuse, and I will not have to wait in line for the staff bathroom at nutrition and lunch. I want to decorate it. I think I want to put a little stand in there for the paper towels and soap (I noticed they didn't install a dispenser for either, but that's okay), and maybe some lotions and stuff like that. It has a nice big mirror that I am thinking  I want to string this purple and silver tulle ribbon I have around. It was around my bulletin board, but it will brighten up the awful gray color that they painted the bathroom walls.

Best part... it is perfect for drama. It is big enough to tape out the set in the back without ever having to move chairs for rehearsal, and there are courtyards outside my room on both sides where I can send students out to practice lines, and still be able to see them because there are windows on all sides. Not to mention that I am only about 10 yards from the backstage door. What a perfect dressing room/green room! Woo hoo!

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