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Monday, May 30, 2011


So, I spent the weekend strategizing and eventually implementing a baby proof plan. It was complicated. I spent HOURS online looking for the perfect solution for the printer and cable internet stuff (needs to be in one specific spot because of where the hookups are), and then a lot of time today solving problems.

So, if you recall, we had this issue BEFORE:
Dangerous CD/DVD shelf, printer, cable internet, and tons of plugs
Now, we have this SOLUTION, which honestly looks nicer, fresher, and simpler. I love it....
Curved shelves for toys with hidden shelves in back corner for power strip and cords, toy box replaces CD/DVD case

We also had this problem BEFORE:
A taller, but narrow dvd case (not seen here), the cat litter, and the cable tv box, plus, the whole kitchen... which is right behind me in this picture 

Now, we have this SOLUTION:
Placed narrow dvd case on outside of a super long baby gate that blocks off hallways and kitchen, cat litter in a different room. Taped DVD cords to the t.v., gonna order this DVD blocker thing I saw on the internet to keep her from pushing buttons on cable box.

Overall, I love the new look of the living room. Although the baby gate is not my favorite, at least the colors are neutral enough to match the decor, and it isn't a giant plastic thing.

Most of all, I love the freedom of being able to leave the room without worrying that she is going to kill herself.

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