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Monday, May 23, 2011


I feel an amazing sense of relief right now. I am done with BTSA. All I need to do is photocopy the whole packet and turn it in. Woo hoo!

On the other hand, I kind of have a stressful week ahead. I have a massive pile of papers to grade (since I have put off grading this week to finish BTSA). I get out of school at 1:20 and then I need to run my portfolio down the street to our other campus to turn it in and somehow make it back to my campus to attend a meeting at 1:30. The meeting is supposed to be about "changes to our health care," which I am very curious and a little nervous about, because last year, it was far from good news.

After that, I may need to take some students to a show taping fundraiser. I had not wanted to book any more of these this year (I am already booked for two that I don't really want to go to), but one of my students got a group together and said she had a driver. The person who was going to drive now can't, but it is too late to cancel the reservation. If we cancel now, we owe them money or a free show, so I will end up having to go to one anyway. I am going to see what I can do to get out of it, but I will probably have to go.  :-(

At least it is a 4 day week for us followed by a 4 day weekend. Thursday night is our prom, and then Friday we have the day off. Woo hoo! If it is nice, I think I am going to go to the beach.

In other news... I looked at Tiana's beautiful smile today and finally saw the tip of a pearly white sticking out of her gums. Vinny got his first tooth even later than this, but I am glad she is finally getting some. I feel like in the last two days she has just taken off. As of Saturday, she had no teeth, could crawl and use furniture to pull up to her knees, and would attempt to eat little bits of finger food, but couldn't really keep them in her fingers or get them to her mouth. As of today, she has a tooth, is pulling on furniture to stand and bouncing on her feet quite a bit, and mastered the whole finger food thing. She sat popping banana puffs in her mouth for about half an hour today, enjoying the whole thing very much. My baby girl is growing up. I could be sad... but I'm not. I'm excited. I think it is all very exciting.

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