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Monday, May 30, 2011


 This year's Prom very special event to me, as the class of 2011 was my first group of students as a full-time teacher. I do not think that they know this, but I will probably tell my drama seniors during finals. I am going to miss them especially. These were kids who had fun in my drama unit their sophomore year when we did "Tibet through the Red Box" and they signed on to be my guinea pigs in starting a theater program. They have been great sports, even through the growing pains, and they are amazing people. They looked AMAZING. These kids really know how to dress. Last year at prom, some of the girls dresses genuinely made me uncomfortable, but these kids looked stellar.
From left to right- Clara (drama this year), Dominic (has been a curtain helper till this year when he actually made his acting debut, Adriana (a very talented sophomore, woo hoo),  John (my most dedicated student and a great actor- lead  parts in all the shows), and your truly :-)

It was so fun seeing them enjoy their final "day in the sun," and my drama kids were quite the stars. Three of the six people on the court were my drama kids (half, not a bad ratio), including the king and queen.  :-)

These kids just mean the world to me....
Brenda and Steven - She was published in Chicken Soup her sophomore year and has been my awesome right hand woman this year in drama. Steven is tech god. He taught himself and many other students to use the tech equipment. I am terrified of him leaving this year.

Omar and his girlfriend Claudia. Both have been performers in my shows and both are very talented. Omar and I have quite a history. He has made me crazy in the past, but he is gonna be alright.    :-)

My costume hero, Britney, and her boyfriend Bryan. 

Clara, Estefani, and Zulema. These girls have grown up so much. Estefani is the valedictorian, and the most amazing writer I have ever had the pleasure to know. I am certain I will see her name in print in the future.

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