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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost 5 year old with separation anxiety?

So, vinny lately has been acting all weird about being away from me. He acts like I am going to leave him alone or something all the time. I have NEVER left him alone alone, so I don't know where this is coming from. Even though I always tell him where I am going, he still panicks.

The other day, I buckled him and tiana in the car, in the garage, with the garage door closed but the door to the house open, and then ran back in because I realized I forgot my phone. He was totally safe and secure, and I even said to him, "I will be right back, I forgot my phone," and he still yelled like he was being kidnapped, "MOMMY!" and then he unbuckled and ran in the house sobbing. What the heck?

He does this all the time. When he was watching tv and I went into the garage to change the laundry, he yells, "Don't leave me!" and comes running out into the garage crying. I have never left him, so I am confused about the source of his fear.

This is a kid who is very independent and has always been. He goes to school without a problem, has never cried when being dropped off, loves the kids club at the gym, goes to Sunday school by himself, and even loves to play out front by himself. I have to explain to him that he can't be there without me, yet he fears me leaving him in the garage alone?

Suggestions? Comments?

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