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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flying with two kids...

... is unimaginably harder than I thought it would be. I totally lucked out that they let marc come into the terminal with me to help with the kids, but actually getting on the plane was hard. It was a continuing flight, so there were already people on board. Luckily, the flight attendant convinced people to move so we could sit together, but it was all the way at the back, which meant carrying tiana, her car seat, and both the suitcases all the way to the back. Vinny was a big help, but we just plain didn't have enough hands.

Tiana hated the flight. She did okay with a bottle during takeoff, but it was dinner time and she wanted to sit up more than her stupid infant car seat allows and didn't want to be strapped in. I think on the way back I am just gonna check her car seat.

Once out of the plane, the stroller made getting around with everything easy enough, but the rental car place was a shuttle ride away, and nobody helped me get everything on and the shuttle driver made me break down the stroller and everything. It was the weirdest thing. Here I am, baby in arms, making multiple trips from curb to suitcase rack, and blocking the way, so all the people are behind me staring but no one thought to just offer to grab something and put it on. Weird. But honestly everyone else was super helpful, the flight attendants, etc., so I guess all society is not a loss. Haha.

But we got to the rental car okay, and we made it to my cousin's house just fine, and I am super stoked to be here. Totally worth the effort. It so cute having our babies together, just like Vinny and Hannah were, and our oldest kids are now just so big and self-sufficient, they have a total blast together.

Tracy's new house is awesome too. It has a pool, which is quite the ammenity in Phoenix.

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