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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A beautiful, beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day. The tile in my bathroom is almost finished. :-)

We started off at the beach. It was slightly overcast, but it stayed warm and eventually the cloud cover lifted. Such is June in SoCal.  I met my new mom friends at the beach, and it was a nice opportunity to get to know them all better. My kids are sort of at an in-between stage though. Tiana is younger than most of them, and Vinny is older than most of them. But I totally remember that stage, and Tiana is almost there. The older they get, the less the age difference means.

Poor babies though. Once Jordan got to the beach, Vinny made a game of chasing him and Alexander around wearing this ridiculous Frankenstein mask. I don't know why I even let him bring it. He was scaring the smaller kids. It was kind of funny though...

Then, we set off on our various activities. We bought Vinny a suitcase that he can roll around all by himself (since we have our trip to Arizona coming up and then Hawaii later this year). We went to Vinny's favorite park- Verde Park- which he loved so much, he asked if we could live there. Hahaha.

Then we went home and I made some homemade bolognese sauce in the crockpot and let it cook the rest of the afternoon. Then we went to the gym. Best workout in a while.  I need to try to go every day this summer. I eat way too much food to lose any weight otherwise.

I decided to give the Simi Town Center Farmer's Market another chance on the way home. When I went last season, it was barely a Farmer's Market. It was like a bunch of vendors (like 15-20) of everything from candles to lotion to artwork, and then like 3 produce stands. It could barely be called a Farmer's Market. So, we blew it off and stuck with Calabasas the rest of the season. But, since I was out of strawberries and also making a yummy salad,  and this was on the way home, I gave Simi a shot again. Much improved. I was talking to one of the vendors, and she said there is a new person managing it. I could tell. Good stuff.  Spent less than $15 and walked out with a row of strawberries,  a basket of blueberries, some green onions, cucumbers, cilantro, and parsley. Fresh and natural.


Tomorrow... back to the beach!

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