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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer adventures... here we come!

This is Vinny's last summer before Kindergarten, and I think the first summer he has really completely understood and looked forward to. This was the first year that he was counting down the days. It was so exciting when he said this morning, "Is tomorrow a school day?" and I answered "No, it is summer, remember?" and he cheered, "Yea! Mommy day! What are we going to do?"

Humorously enough, my answer was, "Go to the dentist!" Haha. Fortunately, he likes the rocket ship dentist. Okay, not just fortunately, through careful planning, he likes the dentist. Despite paying an extra $5 a month for him to have dental insurance (yes, I pay for my benefits, most teachers don't, but I do), I have to go to an out-of-pocket dentist for him. My wonderful HMO will not refer him to a pediatric dentist, but I know him and his anxiety level towards stuff like that, and I knew he wouldn't do well at a regular one. As it was, he barely made it through the rocket ship dentist, but with very careful attention, an inflatable rocket ship, a dvd above his head, and a lot of stickers, we made it through his pre-kindergarten check-up okay, although he would barely open his mouth. Now we are heading back for his first cleaning. Oh boy.

Anyhow, that was off topic...  he actually did cheer about getting to go to the dentist tomorrow (whew!), and then said, "And then the park?"  Sure... why not?  It is going to be warm tomorrow, so I am thinking about taking him to my parents to go swimming.

I really want to have fun adventures with him all summer. Like, an adventure a day. It will be a little bit difficult with Tiana, but at least her nap schedule is totally flexible, and when she is tired enough, she will just fall asleep. Okay... so here are some of my destination ideas. I need other ideas, and who wants to join me where? Comments please!

  • Zimmer Children's Museum
  • Maybe the Tall Ships in Oxnard on June 24th. There is supposed to be a "Pirate Camp." 
  • Check out the story time at the $5 bookstore in town
  • Noah's Ark at the Skirball
  • Kidspace Museum
  • Take the train to Olvera Street and China Town
  • La Brea Tarpits
  • Crystal Cove Beach 
  • Ventura Aquatic Center (they have a kids water playground like one at water parks. Me and Vinny will only cost $8 though!)
  • San Clemente Beach 
  • Ventura Pier
  • Bright Child
  • Mommy Movies at Pacific Theaters on Monday Mornings (they show PG+ movies for adults, but are infant-friendly, so no one will care if Tiana is fussy. Tomorrow is Mr. Popper's Penguins)
  • AdventurePlex (random place I found in Manhattan Beach, looks cool)
  • Maybe Universal Studios (a bit pricey, but Vinny can't stop talking about it)

And then there is Vinny's acting class... he starts on Thursday. I am so excited for him I could scream. I think I am even more excited because of how much HE will enjoy it. Trust me, I am not being one of those parents who pushes her own desires on her kids- really, everything in Vinny's life is a show to him, so he is going to love it. Plus, it will be good for his speech development.  :-)

Ah... summer. It is going to go by so fast.

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