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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Friends: A Tribute to Vinny and Hannah

Vinny and Hannah - 2011
Yesterday evening, Vinny came to me rather upset because he didn't want to leave Arizona. Today, he was a good sport about leaving, and we reminded him that we will see them when they come out for the family reunion in August. He immediately wanted to know how many more weeks. I told him about 8. Later, as we were unpacking he says, "I can count to 8. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. 8 more weeks and then I will see Hannah!"

 But on the way home from dinner today, he was really sad that we left.

"I wish we were still in Arizona. I miss Hannah. We didn't even use all the clothes. I still had more clothes; we could have stayed."
"I know sweetie. I'm sorry. I wish Hannah lived closer."
"I wish she lived next door."
"I know, but they don't.
"We should move to Hannah's neighborhood."
"That would be nice, but then you would miss everyone here."
"Well, we will bring them all with us. Everyone can come. Grandma and Papa and Mo and Sean and his parents and Tyler and his parents and my teachers and Miss Heather and Natalie and Dan and Isabella and Papa Bill and Nana Tess and Papapa and Nana the Great. Everyone can come. We will get a big van."
(BTW, congrats to those of you who made this list. Apparently, my kid likes you enough to miss you).

I had a nice laugh and explained that it wouldn't work (which I think he already knew), and he just was sad. I really do understand. Hannah is Vinny's best friend.

Vinny has other friends. But there is no one he loves like he loves Hannah. They have grown up together, and they have always had a connection.

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She is truly his best friend in so many ways, and they were so great this trip. They never got cranky with each other. They traded off beds (sleeping in Hannah's bed or on the floor) every other night and giggled late into the night (which I disciplined them for and made idle threats, but secretly enjoyed hearing). They played dress up and picked costumes for each other. They played games in the swimming pool for hours (ones they made up themselves mostly, which was adorable). They did really well not competing or comparing and overall didn't get jealous or fight. They are just growing up so much that they have started to sincerely appreciate their relationship. She really is his best friend.

And in many ways, Tracy is one of mine. I can talk to her about stuff I can't talk to anyone else about. Some stuff I have told her I haven't told ANYONE else. There are just things she understands that no one else does. There is so much I don't have to say to her, because she just knows. She knows how I am feeling the 20th time I hear "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..."  She fully appreciates the significance of a margarita and a long talk at the end of a rough day. She is definitely one of my best friends, and it is always hard to leave.

It is just so sad that our best friends live a 7 hour drive or $100/ticket plane trip away.

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