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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Look Happy

There is no better feeling than waking up to a beautiful sunny morning, and knowing that you have a whole day to do whatever you want with your two beautiful children.  Okay... maybe the one better feeling would be waking up on your own after sleeping in, and then having that knowledge. I, unfortunately, am awakened by 7am each day to take care of two wide-awake children, but hey, 7 am is still sort of sleeping in for me, so it's okay I guess. That is one thing that I really do wish though... I wish my kids would sleep in. I will probably accomplish a lot more this summer with Vinny and Tiana waking me up early though. 

Anyhow... that is how yesterday started. To be quite honest, I didn't have the whole day- Vinny had a dentist appointment in the morning- but other than that, we were very much free, which is something I just don't experience during the school year, so it is a beautiful feeling. 

Vinny actually enjoyed his dentist appointment. I feel like that credit card commercial...
  • Dental insurance I don't use...   $60 a year
  • First visit to dentist and xrays at the "rocket ship" children's dentist... $114
  • Cleaning at children's dentist...  $98 (with cash discount)
  • Having your 4-year-old overcome his fear of the dentist and come home wanting to brush his teeth and floss and eat "teeth healthy" foods....  PRICELESS    :-) 
The rest of our day was beautifully free. We filled it with swimming at grandmas, lunch at home, laundry, and playtime at Tyler's. We finished off the day with a barbecue and campfire with our Bible study group. It was a beautiful day. 

After Bible study, I went out with some friends. I have been craving nightlife the past few days, and I don't mean like excitement and dancing as much as I just mean time OUT at night. I am a bit of an insomniac when I am out of school. I am so used to burning the midnight oil grading papers and having days that just exhaust the heck out of me to the point that I am practically sleepwalking, that when I have downtime, I just haven't expended enough energy to be sleepy. Anyhow... so last night Mo indulged my desire to be out, so out we went. It's funny, we asked some guy to take a picture of all of us, and he said to me, "You look happy."  Yes... I do.  Because I am. 

"You Look Happy."

Today promises to be just as glorious. I have given in to the fact that I simply cannot clean my own house, so we re-hired housekeepers who just arrived and began cleaning. Yea!  Meanwhile, I am watching Tiana make a complete mess with her breakfast. We have transitioned almost completely to table foods, and I am finding big chunks of soft fruit are her favorite, although she was stealing fruit loops from Vinny this morning. Last night's dinner adventure was a giant strawberry, and today she is covered in banana. Joy.  

Now, it is off to the beach.  :-) 

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