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Monday, June 7, 2010

9 days of Hell

I felt like 9 days of Hell was an appropriate title for this post, because that is really how I feel about the next 9 days until the last day of school.

For starters... I mean that literally, as in, the air conditioning in my classroom is broken. It has been broken since Thursday, but today was just unbearable. I have no windows, and my room is in the interior of the building and gets really, really hot. I truly believe that they are doing everything that they can to fix it. When I texted my boss about it this morning, the maintenance guy was up right away, and he confirmed what I already knew... not a messed up setting or something like that... it was broken.Then, the plant manager came in and said he was up in the ceiling and it is making funny noises and something is definitely wrong, and he had called an air conditioner repair person to come fix it. By the end of second period, the repair person was there (I didn't see him, but I was told he was up there trying to fix it). I held parts of my classes outside and did the best I could, hoping it was gonna be fixed and kick on any second. After lunch, it was still just as hot, so I had deduced that obviously, like when this happened last year, parts or something must be needed, and I should probably be making arrangements for the rest of the day (and unfortunately, I would venture to hypothesize that it will probably be several more days that I will be doing this), because the thermostat was reading close to 90 degrees, and I just couldn't handle it. I contacted other teachers who were willing to let me use the room during their prep periods and I survived the day. It was such a hassle and put me so out of my element and we just lost so much time it was very frustrating (in addition to technical difficulties, bad sub report, etc.).

So, I have officially 9 days left of school to get through, and they are not just going to be physically like hell in there if the a/c doesn't get fixed, but they are going to have to be like hell here at home for me to get everything done in time. I have tons of grading to do, tons of "homework" from my side gig as part of the curriculum development team for our network of international schools (why I was in Houston this weekend), and I desperately need to get lesson plans for next year done if I don't want to be writing lesson plans all summer. BLEH....

Vinny went to sleepover with his Aunt Tricia tonight at my MILs house. He adores his Aunt Tricia and has been really, really looking forward to spending time with her, so I was happy to let him go, but I really miss him. I only got to see him for dinner tonight and now he is gone again. He might as well be with her since I have too much to do to be spending quality time with him and I know she is going to shower him with love and attention, but I miss him nonetheless.

9 more days...  9 more days...

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