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Sunday, June 13, 2010


We used to have Disneyland annual passes. They expired in November. This was the first time we have been since, and we don't think we'll be again for a while, so we really wanted to make the best of it, so we went early and stayed late.

My whole body hurt by the end of the night, particularly my lower back, but it sure was fun. One oddity was the fact that to celebrate the start of Disney's summer nights thing with "glow fest," all the local ravers apparently planned an unofficial Disney rave, and there were TONS of ravers all over the park, in full rave gear. It was amusing.

My least favorite yet favorite moment of the day. We get stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean in front of The Blue Bayou for like half an hour. Vinny was being relatively patient, but after about half an hour, he looks up at me and says, "I'm peeing." I reply, "You're what?!" To which he pauses for a second and then replies, "Yup, I peed." He never has accidents, but I guess he realized there was no point in telling us he had to go, because he realized that we were stuck, and then he just couldn't hold it any more. Just to clarify, I double check, "You have to? Or you already did? In your pants?" "Um... yeah, in my pants." Great..... It was so matter of fact and so calm though, it was actually very funny. What was the poor kid supposed to do? We'd been sitting there for 30 minutes and he didn't see an end in sight.

My next favorite moment of the day was when we were sitting on a wall in main street waiting for the fireworks and I tried to convince Vinny to come out of his stroller and come up on the wall with us, but instead, he defiantly yells, "No!" then flings his body to move his stroller forward until he realizes he is like way out in the middle of the walkway by himself, so he turns around and yells, "Help me!" I was hysterically laughing as Marc hopped down off the wall to go wheel him back (and this time set the brake), and Vinny gives me this nasty look and says, "Don't LAUGH at me!" Hahahahaha. Funny kid.

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