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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The World's Greatest Kid... and a GREAT day.

I adore my almost-4-year-old son more than anything. Seriously. He is the greatest kid. I am so lucky. Here is hoping I get so lucky with #2.

We had a wonderfully awesome day today. He crawled into bed with me around 8am, we watched some t.v., and got ready for the beach. After a painfully long glucose test (an hour long drink some sugary junk and then get your blood drawn procedure to find out if I have gestational diabetest), we were on our way.  Grandma took the day off to spend with me and V and we headed to Point Mugu, since we haven't been there in a while.

As I have mentioned before, I love the beach pretty much more than anything else in the whole world. Really. My son quite obviously has my genes. He just had the time of his life. From the second we got there, he was in the water. He came out to eat for a little bit, then went back in. Eventually, he came out a couple more times to make grandma take him on a walk and then to build a sand castle, but overall, he spent pretty much the entire time in the water. He is so social too... the total opposite of me as a child. I was always nervous to talk to kids I didn't know, but Vinny made friends with practically every kid on the beach (of course, he seems to always want to pick like the 8-10 year olds rather than the 2-5 year olds, but whatever). As things were winding up, he thought it might be fun to jump off the sandly ledge and roll down the sandy hill, over and over again (it was a beach with some mini dunes). Great.... he was covered in dirty black sand (the dunes are near bbq pits), but at least he was having fun.

I did my best to rinse him off in a spigot up at the top and we headed home. I made a valiant effort at trying something new- grilled pizza. I didn't want to heat the house up by putting it in the oven. I put my pizza stone on the grill and fired it up.In theory, it totally should have worked. It was getting nice and bubbly, but I walked away to use the bathroom and when I came out like no more than 90 seconds later, the bottom was black and the top was brown. How did that happen so fast? I guess it would have worked (and will when I try it again- I am not ready to give up), had I realized how quickly it was going to cook.

I was willing to eat it anyway, but Marc took one look at it and declared it a fast food night. We decided to make it a fun summer night out- what the heck, it is summer, ya know- and eat at the food court and then see Toy Story 3. It was a great night and a great movie. Plus, eating immediately before hand (actually, I was getting full fast, so I snuck most of mine into the movie) had the added benefit of saving us money at the concession stand.

On a side note, yesterday, Vinny declared that it is summer and he is not eating anything "hot." No, he does not mean spicy; he literally means anything cooked. When I took him shopping yesterday and asked what we should have for dinner, he said, "Not hot food, cold food. Cheese. Peanut butter sandwiches. Fruit."  Um.... okay. Strangely enough, he has gotten away with it. Last night, he filled up on pasta salad, fruit, and cheese and didn't actually have a cheeseburger. Tonight, I let him pick at the food court. He says, "Nothing hot," and asks for a turkey sandwich from Subway. Technically, he is eating well-rounded meals, but I am finding this phase very strange. I wonder how long it will last. I had no intention of putting up with it, but because he has actually been eating well, and hasn't been requesting special meals, he has gotten away with it so far. Hmmmmmm.......

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