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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Motivation Mountains and Valleys

Lately, I have true mountains and valleys in feeling motivated.

Motivated to do what?

Well.... anything to be honest. (Except watch a Showtime series OnDemand that Marc and I have just started working our way through in the evenings. I always want to do that).

I have a lot to do. I have work stuff to do. I have around-the-house stuff that I have been putting off. I have phone calls to make and just errands and junk to do. I feel very good about the fact that I actually made some calls for a new preschool for Vinny today, but the lamest part is that none of my calls were even fruitful- Amber is the one who finally reached the school I wanted to tour this week (we are trying to find a place locally to put our boys together; they are best friends and used to go to school together and really miss it). I also scheduled some doctor's appointments and took care of some insurance stuff today, but there is more of that type of nonsense to be done tomorrow, and I really don't feel like it.

Monday night, we got started on cleaning out the garage when I was on a mountain of wanting to get things done. We made progress, but a lot of it was left in limbo with more to do. Random rags and towels and clothes that had been left on the floor were washed, but now they need to be taken out of the dryer and put away, and more loads need to be done, and I have time right now, but I have reached a valley and have ZERO motivation to do it right now. I am just so... exhausted. This morning, on a motivation mountain, I began unpacking from our trip this past weekend. Now clothes need to be put away and the rest of the unpacking still needs to be done, but again, in a valley... probably not gonna do it.

This may have something to do with the phone call I got today informing me that I am, as expected, anemic again this pregnancy, and need to start taking iron. I should probably get up and do that now. Like... now. Okay, force self to get up. Vinny wants a bath. Iron pill may help. Blehhhhhhh.......

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