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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi Tiana..

So, Tiana got to say hi to me and Vinny today. Went in for another ultrasound, probably the last one, to double check the placenta (tech wasn't supposed to say anything but told me it is much higher, so should no longer be a previa risk). Vinny was a super good boy and enjoyed seeing his little sister on the screen.

She has been making me so uncomfortable lately, and now I know why. She is, I suppose, in the process of turning, because she is semi-folded... her butt in my rib cage, feet kicking my bladder (which makes sense), and head somewhere in my left side. She is punching me there pretty regularly.
Great arm shot of my little kickboxing princess...

And here's why I feel like I have to pee every 5 seconds (although I don't really)... cute little foot, right next to my bladder (or more like in my bladder)

And last but not least... her cute little legs from below (you can kind of sort of see her little girl area in the background- at least you could on the screen, but she moved too much to get a good shot of it).

So... there you go. There's my little girl. Tech said she is as beautiful and perfect as she has seen.  :-)

I would write more, but I am one unit down and one unit to go to fulfill my curriculum development contract that stated I would be due with both units today. Yeah... time to get to work.

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