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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer break, here we come!

I don't know who is more excited for it to be break- me or Vinny. He keeps asking if it is summer yet. He has a list of things that is going to happen when it is summer, funnily enough, at the top of them is sleeping in. Some people think that all little kids are morning people, but it is just not true. Vinny loves sleeping in, and when he does get up, all he wants to do it lay around the house for a long time before getting dressed. I am really looking forward to those mornings.

Today was the last day of finals and my grades were due. Getting them all done and in on time was a nightmare. I had SO many projects to finish grading in the last few days; it was beyond exhausting. I was up until almost 2am yesterday, and I couldn't even finish. I was literally falling asleep holding papers. My mind was saying, "Must open eyes to see papers," but my body was literally just shutting down. I tried to set my alarm early to get up and finish, but I couldn't drag myself out of bed at 5am. I made it to school on time by the grace of God, and finished the rest of the papers while the students took their final.

It was a crazy day. I had all kinds of issues with the grade system (just thinking about it is giving me an anxiety attack), plus I had my toughest two classes today, and we had a demo lesson scheduled for a history teacher candidate we are considering (well, probably decided now). In addition, I am moving classrooms over the summer, so I had to finish packing. I have been working on it all week (for like the past two weeks really), but it really came down to the wire today and I did a lot. My lower back hurts so much from all the reaching up to get stuff out of cabinets and leaning down to put it in boxes. I am wiped... and there is still more to do tomorrow, but then we will be done, done, done.

I am looking forward to the beach, to the 3 new books I bought for summer reading, to swimming with my son, to shopping at the farmers market and cooking delicious meals. You know what I am looking forward to right now? Eating a big bowl of strawberries and possibly the entire container of cool whip. Yum. Okay... gonna put Vinny to bed now. Big, excitingly LAST day tomorrow. Woo hoo!

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  1. Which three books are you reading this summer?