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Sunday, June 20, 2010

TGI Summer!

It is finally summer break. Thank God! We went to Las Vegas for a swim meet this weekend, which was a great kickoff. Vinny and I are normally rather bored at Marc's swim meets, but as luck would have it, we pulled up at the park to find that this swim meet was at an aquatic facility with a mini water park. I didn't get a chance to take pictures, butit looked like this:

It worked out very well for us, until it got crazy crowded around 3:00pm, but Marc was almost done then, so we made it through the day alive. :-)  It wasn't a typical trip to Vegas... not much gambling or anything. We had a deliciously wonderful buffet at the Hilton and then took Vinny to see the Volcano thing at the Mirage. It kind of freaked him out, but he has been talking about it all day, so I guess he mostly liked it.

Today's drive home was, well, painful to say the least, but that's Vegas  to L.A. on a Sunday. At one point,  I think Vinny was honestly delirious.  After whining about the bright sun for like 20 minutes, he got really happy, slap happy, and started talking about an imaginary fish in his hand. Then, about 15 minutes later, he started sobbing and saying, "My fish is gone!"  Oh boy... it was time to stop for a break.

I am so excited to have wonderful free time this weak.  I have a lot to do still- 1 hour glucose test (just how I want to spend the first week of break- giving blood), finish curriculum development for summer institute, and sub plans for next semester, but I am feeling relieved and relaxed nonetheless.


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