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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The combination of so many things I love....

What I wouldn't give to fly to New York, for just even like a weekend, before this baby is born, to see the American Idiot musical.

It is the combination of so many things I love...
- Musical Theater
- Rock Opera Musical Theater
- Green Day
- The two best Green Day albums
- The story of youth

It is kind of like a dream come true. I really, really, really want to see this play. The problem? Well, for starters, I am so not made of money and it would cost a whole heck of a lot of it. For instance, if just Marc and I went for a weekend in August, it would be about $200 for tickets (I would not be willing to get cheap tickets if I was going through all the effort to fly across the country for a show), $800 for airfare, and about $200 for a hotel. We really don't have $1200 to spend on a dream I want to fulfill... but gosh, how much would I love it.

In other travel news, I feel like I owe Vinny (okay, and myself) a trip to Arizona. He has been begging me all week to take him to see his cousin Hannah. After having his "sleepover" with Aunt Tricia last night, he told me today, "Mommy, I want to have a sleepover with Hannah!" Then he started begging, "Mommy, will you please take me? Please? Take me to Arizona to see Hannah!" There is a great benefit to making the effort to raise your child with a very close friendship with his cousin, despite being so far away. The negative... he is getting old enough to ask to travel out there. I have time off coming up. I just don't know if I have the money for the trip. We would normally drive (I have made the drive by myself, just me and Vinny, a few times now, and it really is not that bad. It gets better as he gets older), but I am very pregnant and don't think I could handle 8 hours in a car this summer, especially since there are stretches of 75 miles or so with no bathrooms. I have to pee like every 20 minutes. No way I could survive that drive. We would have to fly. It is $100 a ticket. $200 really is not that bad. I need to just find a way to make it work. When I am there, Tracy and I always find great cheap things to do, so it really will not be too expensive when I'm there- no more expensive than just doing things around here in July- so it really is just getting there. I was already wishing I could go, especially to meet my other cousin's new daughter who will be born by then, but when Vinny started in with the begging this week, it really started to get to me.

I really need to make very good friends with someone in the airline industry.

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  1. I was able to find tickets to Philly at end of July for under $300pp - you might get lucky! My new fav airfare search engine is It tells you if tickets are projected to go up or down and when to buy.