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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Wonderful California Morning

Despite the fact that I have worked through much of this beautiful morning, and that I will need to work through much of the rest of this beautiful weekend to get these units done by Monday, I am in a good place mentally.

Our plumber friend came this morning to replace our water heater. This has been a much anticipated expense that the home warranty company paid for part of (the actual water heater itself), so despite the cost, I feel good knowing that we spent it wth someone I completely trust and that we would have spent ridiculously more if anyone else had done, and besides that... he is amazing and every bit of work he has done in our house has been great. What really excites me... is the thought of being able to fill an ENTIRE bathtub with hot water for a bath tonight. I haven't been able to fill the entire bathtub full since we moved into the house in April 2009. This will be fantastic.

We headed to the Farmers Market in Calabasas later this morning too, after Marc got home from swim practice. It is my second favorite part of summer. (My favorite part is the beach). There is just something about wandering around Old Towne stopping at all the little booths and trying their strawberries and peaches and plums and tomatoes and picking the tastiest ones. We got pluots, black plums, white peaches, apricots, strawberries (sweetest you have ever tasted!), potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, an artichoke, and some fresh squeezed apple peach juice that Vinny says was totally worth $6.00. I already made some strawberry lemonade and cut Vinny up some fresh fruit for lunch, and I am going to make a very yummy dinner tonight. I think we are going to barbecue. I love grilling green beans with butter and garlic.

On a side note, Vinny broke his hot food strike last night (5 days later) to eat some of my in-laws barbecued chicken and fish.

Sadly... it is back to work for me. I am only 2 out of 9 lessons into my first of two units that are due Monday. 

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