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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Turning the Corner

I believe I am turning the corner. It may have something to do with actually getting some real sleep last night. Even though Tiana woke up a lot last night, she also slept really well this morning. Despite frequent breaks to feed, change diapers etc., I slept from about 10:30pm to 10:30a.m., with a total of probably 7-8 hours of sleep which has made a world of difference.

I am having milk supply issues, which is not surprising considering the amount of blood I lost. It takes a lot of fluid to produce milk, and my body is using the fluids to replenish my blood supply first. However, it is getting better, so she is starting to get more sleep. I've been doing a little bit of supplementing of formula at night to be able to get some sleep, but it seems that my own milk supply is starting to actually satisfy her for a little while, which is making me very, very happy.

Plus, today, I don't hurt constantly, which is a very nice change. It has been a little hard for busy body me to be so stuck at home and so bored. I mean, there are a million things I can do- like grading the narratives I still have leftover- but I am not really up to that yet. I think I will start on it tomorrow. For now, my coping strategy has been the wonder of digital cable. Yesterday, I scrolled through the guide on all of my favorite channels and DVRed anything that sounded interesting, so by today, it has caught up where I have lots of interesting things to watch. Today I have enjoyed a couple of interesting episodes of "I didn't know I was pregnant," a great travel channel special on the world's most unique McDonalds (Did you know that in Asheville, N.C. there is a mansion McDonalds that is designed after the Biltmore and has a fireplace in it? And in Montreal, there is a McDonalds's McCafe that serves only coffee, gourmet desserts, and cafe style sandwiches?), a True Life about being ex-Amish, a Dateline special about parenting, a "Giada at Home" where she made Pots de Creme and Filet Mignon with rosemary mushroom gravy (yum!) and several other interesting things.

I am feeling so, so much better and have some real energy today finally. I am thinking that I may actually leave the house on Thursday to go to a party my playgroup is having. It is for the 4th anniversary of when the group started. It is kind of neat because I joined the playgroup when Vinny was about 6 months old. There were a bunch of other moms with kids around the same age. It has made for some great friendships for both me and Vinny. There has been a sort of baby boom in the group this year, and many of the other moms had new babies this year (or will soon), so it is sort of exciting to me that Tiana will get to grow up with this new generation of little ones, and a lot of the moms will be at the event on Thursday, so I would really like to go.   :-)   Well, we will see how I feel Thursday.

She's so pretty.

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