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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bleh, it hurts...

So, I promise I will not be that pregnant woman who does nothing but complain about how much she is sick of being pregnant, so this will be my last pregnant rant I promise.

But seriously.....  we are on night #6 of rather painful contractions. They seem to get worse each night. They go away when I go to sleep. But seriously, they hurt so bad that when I actually go into labor, I am not even going to know it is real for a long time. It is probably better that way, since I want to do most of my laboring at home. At least this way I will be less likely to rush to the hospital and end up stuck in bed on an IV longer than I have to be.

This didn't happen with Vinny, so it has been an unpleasant surprise of this pregnancy. I think it is because I wear myself down so much during the day. My sub came to observe me today to get an idea of how my classroom runs, and he informed me he was "in awe" of how much I do (meaning during each class period, during each day, etc., I guess). It doesn't feel like I do that much while I am doing it, but by 4:00 in the afternoon, I feel like I've had by butt kicked. As I was making copies today (for like an hour from 4-5pm, trying to have a whole month of copies done for the sub), I really thought I was just going to fall over. Plus, then every night when I come home, I want to flop on to the couch and not get up (literally), but somehow there is always stuff to do. Marc does the dishes now and stuff, but I just feel like I don't want to help with ANYTHING, and I can't really expect Marc to function like a single dad every night until the baby comes.


Tonight, my wonderful son is not getting dessert because he lied to us about finishing his dinner. That made me sad. He told us he ate it all, but when we looked on the floor, the dog was having a feast. Grrr.....

Two more days. Tomorrow is going to be a tough one. I have to get to school early to move desks into testing rows for a quiz, it is block periods so I have to teach all day without any break, and I am being observed by two different people. Being observed is always stressful. No matter how perfect I try to be, it always feels like they find what is not perfect, particularly this year for some reason.

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