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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bye bye caffeine, Hello.... minivan? What is happening to my life?!

So, I did a bunch of research about colic (because if you know anything about me at all, you know that is what I do.... research EVERYTHING- to a fault), and I found some stuff about dietary changes for breastfeeding moms. While some research says that studies have now shown that colic is usually not related to a gastrointestinal issue, everyone who I know who has ever had a colicky baby seems to disagree with that statement. Research seems to suggest eliminating certain dietary things that could bother her... like spicy foods or dairy or caffeine. Her crying is so consistent, it can't be spicy foods or dairy, since I don't consume a significant amount of either daily. But caffeine... yikes.

I do consume quite a bit of caffeine. I limited myself during my pregnancy, but I've been so exhausted and crappy feeling lately, and caffeine has become my best friend. I missed coffee so much during my pregnancy. SO much. Seriously... last week, I got a venti caramel latte that was so good it made my week... not even just my day. It made my week. I love coffee. I even have a personal brew keurig and a variety of creamers at home, so I always get the perfect cup. But if it could do some good with Tiana, would it be worth it? Yes, it most definitely would. Not only because I love Tiana and don't want her to feel crappy (obviously), but because listening to her scream makes me a crazy person.

So, today, I had one soda. That was it. Then I cut it out. I had a crazy caffeine headache by this evening, but you know what... Tiana's cranky period today was only about an hour and a half, versus 3-5 hours, and it was manageable. Although she did want to be held and to eat a lot, she wasn't quite inconsolable tonight, which was an improvement, so maybe it worked. Uh oh... I don't know if this makes me happy or sad. I guess both. Well, cutting out caffeine is probably good for my health too, so I guess I need to just give in and do it. At least for the next few weeks til she is older anyway. I once had this crazy friend who thought she had the gift of prophecy or something and told me that God was telling her to set me free from caffeine addiction. I rolled my eyes and laughed at her, but hey... who knows.

In other news, I have never wanted a minivan until this week. Marc has always wanted one. Like before we even had kids. I have always scoffed at the idea of becoming a minivan mom and said I would never, ever do it. I don't need a gas guzzling minivan. I am perfectly happy with my compact car, thank you very much. I don't need a giant van just to cart around two kids. Except now, this week, I may be thinking twice about that idea.... On Wednesday, I went to go on a mini stroller workout at the park with some of the moms, and I thought about bringing Vinny long with and bringing his trike so he could ride while we stroll. Um, yeah, except where would I put it? Before, I would have thrown it in the backseat next to him. But can't do that now. Two carseats, stroller in trunk. That pretty much about does it for my car. We found Vinny's old car seat in my parents garage last week but couldn't bring it home to use as an extra because we had both me and Marc in the car, both kids in the backseat, and the stroller in the trunk. We are going to Arizona this weekend. I handed Marc the suitcase in which we need to pack both my clothes and his. He started packing and then came back in and said, "Uh... do we have another bag? Like a bigger one? Or just an extra?" My reply was a quick, "NO!  Pack less!"  I then reminded him that with both kids in the car now, all the luggage, including the pack-n-play would have to go in the trunk, and we'd be lucky if we fit it all as it is, and I want to try to bring a space bag full of boy clothes for my cousin's baby. On car trips prior to this, with just one child, we usually end up filling the back seat area next to Vinny with stuff too. What now? Seriously...  what now? I have no idea how this will work.

Marc says we could trade in my car and get a mini-van. I would get excellent financing. It has been about a year since I bought it. The problem is... I don't want to drive a minivan. Really, I don't. I don't like big cars. I mean I REALLY don't like big cars, and I hate the minivan image. It's like, "Hi, look at me... the suburban minivan mom." Ugh. I will NOT drive it to work. There is no point in me driving an empty gas guzzling minivan 35 miles round trip to commute to work by myself. Not gonna do it. The only way I will give in is if Marc agrees to drive it during the school year, and then I will take it when I am being mommy on my weeks out of school. And an SUV is absolutely out of the question.

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  1. Dearest daughter of mine, what can I say? I have such mixed feelings. It's so distressing, and at the same time so amusing to see my children go kicking & screaming into parenthood.