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Friday, October 8, 2010

Good day... bad oops.

Today was actually a really great day before the big oops.

The housekeepers came in the morning. They only come twice a month, but it is SO nice to come home to a beautifully clean house after they do. While they were here, I dropped V off at school for a special event he was very excited about- the fire department visiting, truck and all. I hung out in my dad's office and had coffee and made small talk for a while until it was time to leave for school. Yes, school. I went to the English dept meeting. Lots to talk about, so I went. Tiana was an angel and slept happily the whole time.

Next, it was shopping for a birthday present for my papa and then grocery shopping. Later, I took Vinny to his second dance class. It is an all boys hip hop class. The girl who actually teaches the class is awesome, but she had a sub today. The sub was okay, but humorously had probably never worked with preschool boys before. It was kind of funny. At one point, she said "Okay boys, spread out."  Umm.. does she think that they know what she means?  They basically sort of stared at each other and ran around the room. She looked at them puzzled for a minute before altering her strategy and putting them in lines. Funny stuff.

Then we headed home for a peaceful evening. Vinny totally made my day when he was playing Wonder Pets. Tiana started to cry and he was off "to save the day" singing a song about Tiana needing her paci. He excitedly saved the day as he sang, "I think your pacis in your car seat," and then found it and stuck it in her mouth. He's a cutie.

I was able to return the favor for a family that brought us a meal the week after I had Tiana, and since we got a whole heck of a lot of pasta, I decided to go for something different and made chicken enchiladas. We had them for dinner tonight too, and they were very yummy. It was a nice, calm, peaceful evening. Vinny was gifted a giant box of second hand legos, and he and Marc were building a giant lego fort. I decided to clean out the pantry, since something smelled funny.

I started at the top and was at the bottom a good hour later before I found the source of the smell... a bag with a couple of rotten sprouted potatoes. As I went to pull it out, a couple of small bugs crawled out.  I don't do well with bugs. I freaked. I made Marc come and help. He killed the bugs and then was helping me get the rest of the stuff out of the bottom shelf, as I was afraid there would be more bugs, so he was pulling it out and handing it to me. I had a can of dog food in my hand when he thought it would be funny to pretend there were more bugs. He yelled "Oh shoot!" and then pretended to fling something with bugs on it at me. He underestimated my close proximity to him and also underestimated my fear of bugs. I screamed and jumped back, flinging my arms up as I thought a bug was flying at me. With great adrenaline, my flinging hand, which was (if you recall) still holding the can of dog food, colided with Marc's head, right in the center, knocking the can out of my hand and onto his shoulder. Oops.

A trip to the E.R. for some fancy glue band-aid later, he's got a throbbing headache and shoulderache, but he's okay. Ouch ouch.

Oops. Bad oops.

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