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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today Marks 6 Weeks

Today is the 6 week mark. I believed so many things would get better by the time Tiana was 6 weeks. I guess it is a little better. She has gotten herself on a feeding schedule (ish) at night, which is somewhat better than just the miserable eat 10 minutes sleep 10 minutes routine we were doing all night long the first couple of weeks. Now I usually get about 2-3 solid hours in between feedings at night, which I'd like to say isn't too bad, but that 3am feeding still feels awful.

Tiana and I both go to the doctor today. She will be getting the DPT shot. They normally give it at 8 weeks, but the doctor recommended her getting it early because of the pertussis epidemic right now. Considering that he is never worried about anything (he is seriously the most relaxed doctor I've ever met, everything is "no big deal" in his eyes), if he seems worried about the epidemic enough to recommend it early, I will take his advice. It will be nice to stop worrying as much about her getting it.

I wish I could say I was in a better mentally than I was last week, but I'm not. Part of it is that I have relied too much on other people to make me feel better, and people are just plain disappointing. Unless they are new moms themselves, most people don't understand what I am going through, and even then, people don't understand that she's just a fussy baby and I'm not just being a hovering mother. And making plans with people is pointless too because people are just plain unreliable. I need to remember to look to God for comfort, not to other people. People will always disappoint me, but not God.

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