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Monday, October 18, 2010

Movies with babies?

I really want to see Waiting for Superman. It is not in every theater and I don't think it will be in theaters for that long. My nights are super busy lately. I could try to get a babysitter so Marc and I could go, but I don't even know when. Maybe Friday? However, I have to admit, if I am using pumped milk to get out, I think I would rather it be for a night of chit chatting and good food and drinks, rather than a movie.

We have one AMC promotional ticket sitting in a drawer in my living room. I have never been to a movie by myself before, but I am tempted to put Tiana in the car and just drive out to the valley to see the earliest showing some time this week, probably tomorrow or Thursday. I normally scoff at people who bring babies to movies, even kids movies. I find it annoying. Crying babies really detract from the enjoyment of everyone else. I hate it when I am sitting in a movie theater and a baby starts crying. Especially if the mom doesn't immediately rush out of the theater.

However, Tiana is really little, and she sleeps pretty much constantly. If it seems like he is going to wake up and cry, I could just nurse her. She nurses for a really long time, and movie theaters are dark, so it wouldn't be awkward. And really, how many people are going to be seeing a documentary on a weekday morning? Couldn't be many, right?

Am I talking myself into something crazy? Or is this reasonable? I just need to see this movie. It is everything I believe in.

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