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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Growing Kids...

Vinny somehow grew up while I was pregnant and I failed to notice. He used to like to sit on my lap a lot, but he stopped sometime in my pregnancy as my belly got bigger. When we took him to the movies yesterday, he crawled on my lap about halfway through the movie (common movie habit for him), and I was suddenly like, "Whoa!" When he used to crawl on my lap, he was still this little baby who fit perfectly in my lap. Now, he feels HUGE. And it is not just because I have been holding Tiana. I considered that, but I never had trouble seeing around his head before, and now, when he sits on my lap, his head comes in front of my eyes, so I have to move my head to the side... and his legs were hitting the seat in front of us. They never did that before. I mean, he is still smaller than like 90% of the kids in his class, but he's always been my little shrimp, and somehow he went and grew up. I got a little sad at first, since I feel like our lap days are coming to an end... but then we measured him on his Disneyland growth chart... and he is FINALLY just a half inch away from all the good rides. By the time we go to Disneyland again, we will be able to take him on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain and Soarin Over California! Now, I am very excited about that!

Tiana must also be going through a growth spurt I guess. She picks at least one time period a day to marathon feed. Most of the time, she can go hours... as long as 3.5 hours in fact, but then at some points, she will decide to feed pretty much constantly for hours. She'll eat for like 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break, then want to eat again. This wouldn't be so bad, but my body doesn't exactly keep up with that pace, and then when it does, several hours later... I feel like I am going to explode. It is frustrating. Worst of all... the past two nights, her marathon feeding time frame has been between midnight and 3 am. It is so terribly exhausting. As soon as she is full and asleep, I will put her down relieved thinking I am going to get to sleep, then like the second I really start to drift off to sleep, she starts crying again. I imagine that is what hell is like. Only in hell... 3 a.m. never comes. At least I do eventually get to sleep, but in the midst of it, it always feels like it is never going to end.

But she is getting bigger and prettier, if that is even possible. It is so adorable how she smiles and laughs in her sleep. I always thought babies couldn't do that until like at least 4-6 weeks old, but she has done it since she was a day old. Only in her sleep, but it is still way cute.

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