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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rough Night

To start off, I must admit that Vinny has been a little under the weather. Seems like mostly allergies, but he's been a little cranky. But seriously, tonight he was driving me CRAZY.

I took him to the Halloween carnival at the church where he goes to preschool. This is not the church we attend, but it is where Marc works (he ministers for a Christian after school care company that works in different churches around the county), so he was running things, which meant that it was pretty much me alone with Vinny and Tiana, who is always cranky in the evenings.

After an hour of trying to keep her calm and chasing him around, I was ready to go, but I let him do a couple more things before we headed out. He was an angel the entire time we were there, and he had a blast running around doing everything. Probably half the problem. By the time we got home, he was overtired.

When we got home, Vinny was all whines. Meanwhile cranky Tiana was peaking. All she does in the evenings is cry. It is a little better if I hold her and feed her constantly, but it peaks around 9. Right around when we got home. As I got Vinny in the bath, he just whined about everything. Hard core whining. Like yelling and ordering me around. He wanted it hotter, then colder, then hotter, then colder. Then when I gave up and sat down, he yelled for me to come back 'til I finally came back and turned it off (it was almost all the way full anyway), at which point he took to yelling about wanting it fuller, all the while, I am trying to nurse Tiana to get her to stop her inconsolable screaming.

I lost it. I yanked him out of the bath walked him to his room, threw his pajamas on the floor near him, told him to put them on, and then I shut the door. He of course did not understand that I was at the end of my rope and opened the door and stood there yelling about... gosh 10 million stupid thing.... while I just finished nursing Tiana. He was making me CRAZY! That is not even the end of it, but it is as far as I feel like going in to.

He eventually fell asleep on the couch eating a piece of bread (the end of the loaf, all I would give him when he complained he was hungry. I knew it was just a stall tactic, so I didn't give him something he would enjoy). I carried him to bed and then was left with the other issue... Tiana, who had started crying again, because it had been at least 5 minutes since I had nursed her, which meant it was time to cry again.

I think Tiana may be colic. My mom doesn't think so because she is not as bad as my sister was (who was definitely colic), but my dad witnessed it at dinner tonight, and he thinks I might be right.

WebMd talks about colic saying...
"Doctors usually diagnose colic when a healthy baby cries harder than expected in a "3" pattern: more than 3 hours a day more than 3 days a week for at least 3 weeks in a row. Colic is usually worst when babies are around 6 to 8 weeks of age and goes away on its own between 8 and 14 weeks of age."
Well... it has been since she was about 2 weeks, it is pretty much every day, and it is about 4 hours a day. It has definitely gotten worse this week. She is 6 weeks today.
MedicalNewsToday says the number one symptom is....
"Intense crying - the baby cries intensely and furiously, and there is not much the parents can do to comfort him/her. The baby's face will become red and flushed. Crying episodes tend to occur at the same time every day - generally during the late afternoon or evening. Episodes may last from a few minutes to much longer periods. Crying usually starts suddenly and for no apparent reason."
Yup.... evening. Usually like 6-10 pm.

Apparently, 91% of parents with colicky babies report feelings of depression and/or marital discord. (I don't remember where I found that).

Just a few more weeks. I can do this....

God Bless my cousin who agreed to watch the kids for our anniversary this weekend. I think she knows what she is getting herself in to. At least it is only a few hours a day.

Bleh... that's all I can say

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